A new blog site to follow

A new blog site to follow I have a new blog guys, you can find it here 🙂 https://mranythinggoes.com


How can I improve my blog?-12/07/18

How can I improve my blog?-12/07/18 Hey guys, I am writing this post to ask you guys what I can improve on my blog. I have spent hours working on some things but I'd love to hear some feedback from you all. Thank you for all of your wonderful blog support and for the time... Continue Reading →

Being a blogging introvert-08/07/18

Being a blogging introvert-08/07/18 Hey guys, I am back with another blog post and this one is how I cope with being an introvert while progressing with my blog. I also have the dilemma of having the effects of my Asperger's Syndrome too so I want to discuss what blogging for me is really like... Continue Reading →

My half year review-04/07/18

My half-year review-04/07/18 Hello everyone, I am back with new content and this will be a blog that I planned to write a few days earlier but I've been busy reorganising my blog and doing stuff in my life too. I am bringing my review of the last 6 months in regards to my life.... Continue Reading →

My updated blog posts

My updated blog posts I have been going through old posts that I have written when I first started and I thought it would be a good idea to leave these all in a post so you guys could read them. I will continually be updating when I can so keep coming back to this... Continue Reading →

Does follow/unfollow still exist?-01/07/18

Does follow/unfollow still exist?-01/07/18 Hey guys, I am back with another discussion about the follow/unfollow game that still, unfortunately, goes on with Twitter and blogging itself. I've also heard a lot about how bad it is on Instagram but I don't use it so it's harder for me to comment on that. I'd love to... Continue Reading →

Blogging support thread-29/06/18

Blogging support thread-29/06/18 Hey guys, I am back with another blog and this one will be a little place for us to gather and share our social media links. Getting discovered can be tough and a lot of hard work so let's make it easier by sharing everything in the comments. Links can include: Facebook... Continue Reading →

My blogging opinions-16/06/18

My blogging opinions-16/06/18 Hey guys, I am back with another blog and this one is about opinions I have of blogging. I admit that I am a very opinionated person but I would never be afraid to share my opinions on anything regardless of what people think of them. I would also love to hear... Continue Reading →

Blog 150-The journey so far-09/06/18

Blog 150-The journey so far-09/06/18 Hey, guys, I am back with my latest blog and this one is my 150th overall and I wanted to celebrate this milestone with you guys. It's been an amazing journey and in this blog, I will discuss how I've felt at different stages of my journey as well as... Continue Reading →

My blog going forward-02/06/18

My blog going forward-02/06/18 Hey, guys, I am back with my first blog for a few days as I have been very busy this week with my birthday as well as working. I am going to discuss what the plan is for my blog going forward and how I see things going. Thank you for... Continue Reading →

Random topic series-My birthday-29/5/18

Random topic series-My birthday-29/5/18 Hey, guys, I am writing this post in advance but the day when it will go live will be one day before my 24th birthday. I want to discuss how I feel about turning 24 and how previous birthdays of mines have gone. I would also love to read comments about... Continue Reading →

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